Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why should I get a Durable Power of Attorney?

Face it, there are two things in this life guaranteed, death and taxes. And it may be a wise decision to think about if you ever become incapacitated who would take over the decision making. Especially since you would want the right person to be making the right decisions, and that is why everyone should have a durable power of attorney form (Download at http://powerofattorneyform.com/durable.htm).

There are to types of health care you should consider: Medical Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney.

What is Medical Power of Attorney?
Medical Power of Attorney is a form that lets you designate a person ("health care agent") to make all medical decisions for you on your behalf in the case you become too ill to speak for yourself.
Download Medical Power of Attorney at http://powerofattorneyform.com/medical.htm

What is Durable Power of Attorney?
Durable Power of Attorney lets you designate a person ("attorney-in-fact") to make any and all financial decisions for you. The attorney-in-fact may make the decisions for you while you are out-of-town or incapacitated.

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