Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top 3 Ways to Cancel Power of Attorney Form

Many people describe how to enter into power of attorney agreements but not many people tell you how to get out, so we made the top 3 ways to cancel your power of attorney form.

1. Revocation of Power of Attorney - This is probably the easiest way, just print out this power of attorney revocation and upon signature, your previous power of attorney form is cancelled.

2. Make a New Power of Attorney Form - This is another easy way, say for example you want to switch the agent or attorney-in-fact you want representing you? Simply make a new power of attorney form. Once you've made a new power of attorney form it automatically cancels the previous.

3. Death - Not the most popular way among the living but dying does cancel an official power of attorney form, not recommended if all the others fail but it still is one of the most popular ways to cancel a power of attorney form.

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