Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Get a Free Power of Attorney Form

How do I get a free power of attorney form? this is a question that is asked 100,000 times a month on google search and below we are going to list the top 2 ways people can get a free power of attorney form.

1. Copy and Paste - The phrase that causes millions of free forms online, but where can I get these great free forms? FormGuru offers a on-page power of attorney form that you can simply copy and paste and Lawinfo offers a Power of Attorney Form builder on their page.

2. Subscription Websites (Free Trials) - There are allot of subscription websites out there that want to get you hooked, so they offer free trials thinking that you will forget to cancel. RocketLawyer offers to make you a free power of attorney form and all you have to do is give them a credit card number and whoolah! Free!

Buying an official Power of Attorney Form is not that bad either (seeing as they run at about $10), the only bad part about copy and paste is that every state is different with their power of attorney laws and occasionally they do not hold up. I mean I wouldn't want my attorney-in-fact not being able to make a decision on my life because I cheaped out on the power of attorney form.

The issue with the free trials is that the forms are in Adobe PDF and are not editable meaning you cannot re-use them. If you are looking for to buy a Power of Attorney Form for cheap ($9.95) then you should probably just go to

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