Sunday, December 18, 2011

How do I make Power of Attorney Officially Legal?

How do I make Power of Attorney Officially Legal?
The process of maing power of attorney is simple but requires a few things to make it legally binding. See below;
  • Must be in Writing
  • All persons involved must be 18
  • All Persons involved must thinking with a sound mind
  • Must be notarized
The following are not required
  • An Attorney must be involved
  • Does not need to be filed anywhere at the state or government level
The number of witnesses required varies from state to state. Most states do not require another witness other than the Notary Public. If they do require more, the most is 2 witnesses, so to be safe it would be strongly suggested that you have two witnesses just to cover your backside.

After the Signing:
After the Power of Attorney is signed, it should be placed in a safe place known to others. You may make photocopies available to select people.

Some states like California and New York require extra forms, but don't worry, they are just simple power of attorney addendums that just require you to "read" and put your signature down

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