Thursday, December 22, 2011

How do I Execute a Power of Attorney?

How do I execute a Power of Attorney?
Easy, you can execute a Power of Attorney in three easy steps.
1. Get your Power of Attorney - It is very easy to get a Power of Attorney Form, you can go to a number of websites such as where you can get blank easy to fill in (and editable) forms in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.
You can go to or and you can fill-out your Power of Attorney Form, but you cannot edit it and it does not come in Microsoft Word.

2. Fill-Out your Form - It is very to fill these forms out. Here is an Example Power of Attorney Form PDF from  As you can see these forms are extremely easy to fill in with plain english below that anyone can understand.

3. Have a Notary Witness - Most banks in the United States have notaries that will sign any Power of Attorney Forms you may have for free (if you have an account with them). That's it, Whola! Done! You officially now have someone else that will represent you as your power of attorney.

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